Reminder: Easter Is April 4th...

Pastel Eggs From Better Homes and Gardens

Pastel Egg How To:
Wrap plastic foam egg shapes (available at craft supply stores) with strips of crepe paper, attaching ends with glue or a small straight pin. Embellish with ribbon secured with small straight pins, leaving a long end for tying. Gather eggs at varying heights and tie ribbons together. Hang from a removable adhesive hood or wreath hanger. Add a ribbon bow.

What Are Your Easter Plans This Year?


  1. Cute idea...Church and lunch with family!

  2. Not sure what we will do besides attend our Church service.

  3. Beautiful, Sis! Our plans? Not sure yet. I'm sure there will be at least one Easter egg hunt, though.:) Lori

  4. Ah...that day is my #3 son's birthday! We also have a church conference, so it will be a full day.

  5. Hi Robin
    Those eggs are so pretty and look very easy to make.
    This easter we will be visiting my MIL and eating lots of choloate eggs!

  6. How pretty, Robin! As for Easter, we may be heading out of town to take the girls to Universal Studios in FL. for Spring Break! Enjoy your Monday...it's sunny and warm here!

  7. The eggs are beautiful. I better get busy decorating.

  8. The only Easter plans we have are sunrise sevice and lunch--if I'm still awake by then!

  9. We'll go to church on Saturday and have Easter dinner at our house on Sunday. I haven't even gotten ANY spring decorations out let alone Easter. I love these eggs. SO CUTE!

  10. That is such a pretty idea, Robin! I can't believe how quickly Easter is coming up on us! Who knows if I will get anything decorated in time! :)

    As for plans, we always go to an earlier church service than we normally do and then have lunch with family! :)

    I hope you had a good Monday!

  11. Those are great! I want to make some of the stuffed ones from this tutorial: http://retro-mama.blogspot.com/2009/03/easter-is-in-air.html as well.

  12. ROBIN!!! I looked for ya darlin... well as much as one can look for someone they have never seen. LOL

    Easter... well, this year, my man flies out on Easter. He's going to India on a missions trip so we are doing a Seder dinner before he leaves. That will be the extent of our Easter festivities.

    And probably an easter basket or two for the kiddos... :)

  13. I LOVE this idea. I haven't read my Better Homes and Garden yet. Thanks for posting. We have three children and their families coming for the weekend.
    So 10 grands will be sharing the weekend with us (20 of us altogether) for Easter egg hunts, prizes and then on Sunday worshipping the Savior and celebrating His ressurection. We will be enjoying a wonderful Easter dinner with lots of laughter.
    Everyone will love my new hanging centerpiece above the table!!! Thanks:-)~♥

  14. How pretty and what a neat idea. I am sure my boys would enjoy making some. BTW, thanks for your encouraging words on my blog.


  15. Easter...eek! Wow, that snuck up on me. Our youngest has a birthday in a couple weeks and with everything going on...well, let's just say I need to get my tushy in gear.

    We'll prob'ly do the church/meal/egg hunt thing and enjoy one another's company.


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