30 Years Ago Today...

Do you know exactly where you were 30 years ago today?  I do. But it is only because 30 years ago today Mount St. Helens erupted in the state of Washington where I live. 

Pictured (Left to right starting in front) My brother Ron Yadon, My grandma Geer, Me (age 16), My grandma Bussee, (Back) My Grandpa Geer and My Mom Barbara.

The picture above was taken Sunday morning on May 18th 1980 in the little country town of Cheney Washington. Cheney is about 316 miles East of Mount St. Helens.
My grandparents were visiting us for the first time since we moved to Washington. We were all dressed and ready to go to church. 
Side note: I was really proud of my purple dress my mom sewed for me.
We came home from Church and I headed outside to hang out.  I looked up and half the sky was dark black and the darkness was coming towards me.  I thought for sure it was the end of the World! I ran in to tell my family. ("The sky is falling, the sky is falling!")

This is my grandma Geer, you would think this picture was taken at night but it was taken at 2:00 pm.  Mount St. Helen's ash had completely darkened the sky and ash was falling all around her!

Pictured above is my dad Neil Bussee. This shot was taken May 19th the day after the eruption-He is scooping up some ash to save-There was PLENTY of it!

Here are some even better pictures of our ordeal 30 years ago in Washington State:

Mount St. Helens on the day before the eruption, May 17, 1980, as viewed from what came to be known as Johnston Ridge, about six miles from the volcano. (AP Photo/USGS, Harry Glicken)

Ash billows from the crater where the summit of Mount St. Helens had been only hours earlier during a huge eruption on May 18th, 1980. (USGS/Robert Krimmel)

Ash and steam billow from the crater of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980. (USGS photo)

Ashen clouds from the Mount St. Helens volcano move over Ephrata airport in Washington on Monday, May 19, 1980. (AP Photo/Mike Cash)

A car is shown submerged in ash in this May 20, 1980 photo from Mount St. Helens eruption in Washington State. (AP Photo)

Massive blowdown of trees in the Green River valley seen on June 2, 1980. The flattening of the forest resulted from the May 18 eruption of Mount St. Helens. (USGS/J. DeVine)

In this May 7, 2010 photo, a timed exposure brings out Mount St. Helens against a backdrop of stars and the risen moon at left, in Washington state. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

To See More AMAZING photos of Mount St Helens click HERE.
This post is dedicated to Jessica and Lindsay in England who inspire me every day♥ Love you two!
It is also dedicated to my best friend Michelle Wable~We sure had alot of fun racing our families old trucks in the ash! (Sorry Mom, Dad and Uncle Earl about the trucks/Love you Michelle!)

*** I know I have been missing from the blogging world-Thank you for your E-mails and comments-I AM more then okay ~ Thank you for caring! I've missed you all!


  1. I would have been just over one year old when this happened so I don't remember it. However I enjoy reading and listening to the stories of those who do. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful photos! That was a year before I was born, so I can only imagine what it must have been like to live through. What an exciting memory to share with your grandchildren.

  3. You definitely have been missed! I remember when the eruption happened...I was a sophomore in high school...many, many moons ago! I really enjoyed looking at the pictures you shared, as well as reading your account of what happened. I can't imagine being that close to all the action. Have a wonderful evening, Robin!

  4. This is an eerie reminder of that event. And, your mom sewed you a very pretty purple dress.

  5. I was in first grade in Renton, WA. I remember ash falling where we lived and having to wear a special face mask so as not to breathe it in. Also my grandparents came to visit and their car was covered in a couple of inches of ash.

  6. Hi Robin, so good to see you posting--this is a great post too. I remember the eruption so clearly. We lived in Albany, NY at the time, and followed the news avidly. A couple days after the eruption we had ash on our cars one morning all the way across the country.

    I've been to the Mount St. Helen's visitor's center and seen the fascinating exhibits there.

    I love "knowing" somebody who was actually there and lived through it. The photo of Grandma Geer in complete darkness in the middle of the afternoon is amazing.

    I think your purple dress looks terrific!

  7. I remember hearing about it--I was 7. It was kind of scary to me, even though I lived clear across the country. I probably thought it could reach all the way over to the east coast!
    So glad youre doing well. Been missing you!

  8. HOLY COW!!! I never realized (or maybe just never remembered) so much ash!! I think your purple dress is DARLING

  9. I am not sure if I remember the exact day of the eruption but I do remember that here in the panhandle of Nebraska we had ashes fall on our car. It was and still is just unbelievable. I can't imagine if I had lived closer. Glad to see you back to blogging. Missed you!

  10. 30 years ago I was taking care of my newborn baby but I remember this it was so sad to hear the story. A couple of years ago I checked out Mt St Helen's on google earth. I was amazed at the picture of it!

  11. What amazing photos. When I saw your post I thought "where the heck has she been?". :) I'm glad to hear you're okay.

  12. These are truly amazing pictures and its hard to believe that cars were buried in ash that thick. It makes me wonder about those in Europe dealing with their own ash clouds. Thanks for sharing these!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  13. I didn't realize it was 30 years ago already! I was 15 and living in east Tennessee, and I remember watching the news coverage on TV and being amazed that this was happening in our own country (I guess I thought volcanoes were limited to other countries!). I think I would have thought it was the end of the world, too, if I'd see that black cloud coming.

  14. What a crazy and scary experience that must have been! I see I am close in age to you and well remember hearing about this event in the news, though far removed from its reality down here in Florida. Thanks for sharing your very real story. The photos are amazing!

  15. Hi Robin
    Thank you so much for dedicating this amazing post to us. Your pictures are really spectacular. You had described your experiences to us in such great detail that it was wonderful to see the actual pictures to accompany them. The family picture is lovely. In the picture where your Dad is picking up ash it just looks like snow in the background.
    The Icelandic Volcano continues to cause travel problems here. It's still erupting but depends on the wind direction whether the airports close or stay open.
    Glad you are ok. I hope you got me e-mail as the first one bounced back.
    Missed you. x - kiss for Noelle
    Lindsay & Jessica

  16. It's always a bit frightening and awe inspiring at the same time when nature reminds us how small we really are in this world!

    Love that you shared your memories and photos with us!

  17. Some memory huh? Amazing..

  18. I have missed you.♥

    I remember watching all of that all over the news. Great pictures you have shared of the eruption. I can't imagine having all of that ash covering everything.

  19. I really wanted to say, 30 years ago today, I wasn't born yet. But then I thought about it, and sadly, that is not true. Your pictures are amazing. What an incredible sight! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Oh my goodness, Robin! I vaguely remember that crazy day but you certainly lived it! I loved seeing you in your purple dress. How sweet that your Mom made it for you.:) Those pictures are amazing! Lori

  21. OH MY! Your photos are great reminders of all the effects.

  22. I was 10 and I do rememeber this! My Dad talked about it for weeks and our teachers did too~

  23. I remember the Ash falling and not knowing exactly what was going on. The destruction was amazing and way too scary.

  24. I so remember this! It was odd and eerie that afternoon and for many days beyond!!

  25. Hi Robin, so glad to get a visit and a little update from you. I have missed your encouraging visits and your fun posts. I'm glad that things are looking up for you. Life sure can get complicated sometimes...


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