Fall Ribbon Garland Wreath...

My little Sister Lori made me a Ribbon Garland (Swag) last year...Last night I made it into a wreath.
This wreath took me all of about 4 minutes to put together. I took the ribbon garland, put it around a grapevine wreath, added a nest with eggs then scattered a few artificial leaves into the nest.  
 I love how it looks on my front door~
Thanks Lori~

Up Close View~

Full View~

To make the garland Lori just cut a rope to the length she wanted, cut a variety of ribbons and knotted them onto the rope.
 Easy Squeezy! 

Here's one Lori made for her mantle a couple of years ago...
To see that post click HERE.

This is a perfect craft to do while watching a movie!


  1. Love, love, love the gingham and polka dots!!

  2. A very lovely wreath! Thanks for sharing how to do the ribbon garland as well. Both are neat ideas.

  3. Now that is cute! It looks great on your red door. :)

  4. Hi Robin
    I adore the garland Lori made and I love how you have used it to make your wreath. The little nest looks so cute amongst the pretty ribbons. It looks perfect on your door.

  5. OHmygeez!!! I LOVE this...love the wreath and LOVE the garland!!! I also LOVE Lori! :) I'm definitely giving this a try soon...maybe my weekend craft. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope you're having a great week so far!♥

  6. You and your sister are very creative, and the ribbons are gorgeous used in this way, both for the swag and the wreath.

  7. Oh Robin- It looks amazing! I LOVE it with sprinkles on top!:) Big Hugs, Sis!

    The book is intense and, I have a feeling, it is going to be quite rated "R" the more I get into it.... hmmm.... I'll let you know how it goes.

    The verdict is MOLD.:( Guess we are going to be having quite a bit of activity at our house. The guy is coming to take air samples today. Goodie... Lori

  8. Totally cute! I need to get more crafty one of these days. I'll have to get some girlfriends over to do stuff like this with me.

  9. CUTE!! I have an empty grapevine wreath sitting here waiting for me to do something with......Love the bird's nest in it!

  10. You and Lori sure are crafty ;) Love your wreath Robin. And I think it's funny that we both have red doors with mums on either side ;) Because we are cool like that!

    Jamie :)

  11. That is so sweet and I love your red dorr.

  12. that looks amazing! way to change it up!!

  13. I think that looks FABULOUS and just perfect on your front door!!

  14. I am IN LOVE!!! That is just fabulous girl. Your photos are magazine quality. Love them. :)

  15. oh cute!!! This would be a great craft for my little ladies to help with too. Thanks for sharing!

    And that chandelier.... how did I miss that post?? Awesome!!!

  16. That is such a good idea, Robin!! I never would have thought to add a garland to a wreath. So cute!!

  17. Oh, this is so cute! I LOVE it! That sweet nest on the bottom is the perfect touch! The ribbons your sister used on the garland are perfect, too.

    This is just what I need for my front door! Do you mind if I "copy" your idea, and link to you? Again, I just have to say how creative you are! :)

    I hope you are enjoying this fantastic fall weather we're having! I wish it could stay like this for a long time! :)

  18. I love it! I went out today & bought lots of ribbon & a grapevine wreath. I'm going to make one for one of my BFF's for a housewarming gift. She'll love it!


  19. This is a beautiful yet simple idea for a wreath that can be interpreted for any season. Thanks for the great post!
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