What's Making Me Smile Today...

 Sitting back, relaxing and enjoying all the craft ideas from
(photos are from bhg.com)

While Drinking the new Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Flavored Coffees!
(Half a packet per cup is perfect in my opinion)
ADDED NOTE: You can purchase them online or at your local Starbucks, by the way Starbucks is not paying me or giving me anything to post this-I'm just loving my Starbucks, it's making me smile!

(photo from Starbucks online)
It's the little things in life!
What's making you smile today?


  1. Robin, these pumpkin photos are making me smile today.

  2. Oooh, I love those pumpkins! My goodness, orange is working hard to become my favorite color.:) My nightly walk is going to make me smile in a few minutes, as well as the time tonight I will get to read my book. Earlier cockroaches made me smile! I will blog about that later. You ALWAYS make me smile.:) Lori

  3. Sitting in a great resort (in Seattle) room enjoying no responsibility and a great book : )

  4. those are some neat pumpkins..i loooove them!!! the welcome one is my fav.!

    october :)

  5. Those make me smile, too! I love the pumpkin "snowman"

  6. OH I NEED to get my hands on those flavored vias!!! I think I might just paint welcome on one of my pumpkins too... right after I buy them!! better get on that!

    Off to starbucks... wait... can you buy them in stores yet? =)

    YOU made me smile today! lol!

  7. I am smiling because it is Friday! LOVE that pumpkin snow man! Very, very fun!

  8. Don't'cha LOVE Fall! That pumpkin-snowman is awesome.

  9. Hmmm whats making me smile?
    The fact that this is our (Canadian ) Thanksgiving weekend, and
    I'm excited to have our family together and gather...
    and chat, and eat, and giggle and eat some more, and walk and flake out on the couch :)
    And...your post is making me smile...isnt autumn beautiful..love your post Robin!
    And thank you so much for the super ideas for my desk..you've really got me considering those baskets and even the wheat colour for the desk...thanks for thinking of me dear...
    I'll keep you posted!

    Have a great weekend!!

    Deborah xoxo

  10. The decorations are awesome. I love the new Starbucks coffee too! And I am a tea drinker!

  11. Hi Robin
    Love all the craft ideas you shared. Hope everything is ok with you at the moment. What's making me smile today? The news that they have drilled right through to those trapped miners in Chile has really made my day. I hope and pray they will all get out safely very soon.

  12. This coffee is the worst excuse for coffee in the world.
    Pete's is the best, but if you want to drink junk coffee
    Drink floggers coffee crystals

    Robin's cool brother

  13. Floggers coffee crystals? OHHHHHH you mean Folgers!
    Yes, you are cool brother-BUT I am cooler. :)

  14. I LOVE those Fall pumpkin pictures!!

  15. Love the pumpkin candle holders--so cute! The weather here is very FALL (finally), that's what is making me smile.

  16. I LOVE the crows. I don't know where I would put them, but I saw birds at the craft store last year and I really wanted to buy some.


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