Making a Nest from a Grapevine Pumpkin Revisited...

Hey Everyone...
This is just a reminder to grab your pumpkins NOW at Target in their dollar bin ($2.50) 
That way when Christmas comes around you can make this nest...
For instructions click HERE.

But you could use the nest for things other then paper whites...

This would look nice year round.
I found this blog on Pinterest and love these blue paper mache eggs!
To see how to make them go HERE to Centsational Girl's blog.


  1. This idea is definitely a favorite of mine! You just have a knack for making everything pretty, Robin!

  2. love those eggs. just found pinterst myself and still figuring it out. cool sharing site

  3. I just love paperwhites, but the smell kills me. I love how you put them in a nest.
    A pumpkin to a nest..who knew. LOL
    I just love Pinterest. Now I even have my daughter pinning.
    Thanks so much for the tip about the apples, that explains why the bananas only lasted a day or two.

  4. Christmas? Oh yes, it wont be long will it?!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. I'll have to go to Target and check the pumpkins out. I just love bird nests, and everytime I see one, I smile. Thank you.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. I'll have to add Target to my list of errands today!! I like the grapevine pumpkins...I love the lighted grapevine pumpkins.

  7. Hey there Robin.I love your creations and I reale like your inspired ideas...a follower friend from Greece!

  8. What a clever idea. I made the nest, then put a real pumpkin in it then put it in my birdbath. Thanks!


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