Friday's Find...

Today on The Robin's Nest we are starting a new deal called
 Friday's Find~
Each Friday we will post something found that we think is great...
It could be anything~Photography, food, crafts, ideas etc. etc.

Today's find comes from the ever so popular blog:

Click HERE to see LMM's blog

Everything on LMM's blog is amazing! Sasha is refreshing and REAL, she ought to be writing devotional books for women.  She has such a talent with making her house a home. Sasha has a gift with crafts, photography and has so many great ideas. I love the way she writes, such wisdom! 

With that said, you all probably know by now that I've been gluten free for 5 years.
So when I saw LMM's post the other day, I was beyond thrilled!

So without further Ado, our find for this week is...

These cookies have real vanilla beans in them~Be still my heart!

To see the whole adorable post and to get the recipe not only for the cookies but the frosting click HERE

I can't finish this post without mentioning Sasha's wonderful Etsy store. You are going to want to stop by and pick up a one of a kind item for yourself...
Remember: Mother's day is right around the corner!

Lastly, Quite a few of my friends are starting to eat gluten free so occasionally I will be posting some recipes I love.  I do want to mention that I have a Gluten Free Pinterest Board that has so many wonderful recipes on it. Make sure you take note in my Pinterest comments in case you have to substitute a ingredient to make it gluten free.
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  1. so happy that you find good eats that are gluten free for you!
    i'm gonna love this series on your blog!!

  2. Gorgeous cookies! Mmmmm! I made some gluten free banana bread today with peanut butter chips and chocolate chips and it was delicious! Wish I could send some your way.:) Lori

  3. What a fun segment, Robin! Gosh...what I'd give to have one of those cookies about now!

  4. Those cookies are soooooo pretty!

  5. These cookies look so yummy. I love the color turqouise, and this cake... oh my! I'm off to check her blog out now.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


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