Friday's Find...

Today's Find comes from a wonderful blog called:

Ritajoy, (don't you just love her name) over at Harbour Breeze gives us a fabulous detailed DIY way of making a stencil with...
..........Masking tape!
 Everyone has masking or painters tape somewhere in their home right?

Here is the adorable sign she made:


To see how she made it click HERE
 Once again, if you love crafts but rather buy them, here is a link to Ritajoy's wonderful Etsy shop.

Ritajoy shared some GREAT news this week~ It looks like her burlap Christmas stockings will be shown in Better Homes and Gardens magazine this winter!  Congratulations!  To see the cute Christmas stocking click HERE.


  1. Such beautiful creations, Robin. I'll definitely be back on Monday to hear "the rest of the story". Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Great April! In the mean time go over and visit Ritajoy's blog. I'm seriously going to try to make one of those signs (or buy one from her!)

  2. Oh My God!!!! Those are the cutest may day flower gifts ever. I am so coping that next year

    1. Thanks! I love them so much...I'm going to make them for Mother's day, birthdays, get well gifts etc. etc. I even have a fabulous Halloween idea my brother thought of.

  3. Love that sign, thanx for sharing! Hope your granddaughter is feeling better soon.

  4. it is just no fun with sick babies..ahh!!
    i cant wait to read all about the glass paint..i just might have to try it!

  5. Hi Robin, Ritajoy's blog looks amazing. I visited it earlier but will be back soon to read more. I love the cute birdie sign and the Christmas stockings, I am a big fan of burlap. Your mason jars look so pretty. I look forward to hear more about them. Hope Noelle gets better soon. Love, Lindsay x


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