What's for Dinner?

I grew up with my mom making tacos this way...
Maybe it isn't anything new to you-Sometimes I wonder if it was a mom thing or the California way of making Tacos.
 The world may never know.  
 However every time we have company over and make these tacos everybody raves on and on about them. 
They never thought to use our "secret" ingredient.

First off, brown ground beef, diced onions, add salt and pepper to taste. My mom adds 1 1/2 teaspoon of taco seasoning mix to hers with a little water.
 (McCormick taco seasoning is currently gluten free, but always read the label!)
I do not add seasoning to my recipe.

While the beef is browning dice all your toppings.

I'm not big into frying things like chicken or pork chops...BUT when it comes to taco shells I'm a frying girl AND I love cast iron skillets! These are Mission gluten free corn tortillas. I fry them in vegetable oil on medium heat.  I fry one side a little, flip it, SALT it a tiny bit (makes such a huge difference in taste) then flip it again. You want the edges somewhat crisp yet the middle still pliable.   I'm using the fork to push the middle down, sometimes it wants to bubble up.

I cover a big glass bowl with paper towels then layer the tortillas on the edges to form the taco shape. I cover them with another paper towel and repeat the process till I  have enough taco shells to feed the family. My clan tends to take the shells right off the bowl as soon as the top is dabbed with a paper towel.
So you are probably wondering what the secret ingredient is? Cause this all seems pretty normal right?

Beans! Not any beans though...

It HAS, HAS, HAS to be B&M baked beans.
 No substitutions.

There is also a key to layering the filings.
Hamburger as the bottom layer.
 (cheese between hamburger and beans melts it to perfection)
THEN your toppings:
Lettuce, tomato, onion, salsa, sour cream etc etc!

Like I said, this might be how you make tacos already-But if you haven't tried it this way, I highly recommend you do. 
We have converted many taco lovers to our ways! ;)

These tacos are gluten free as long as you use gluten free corn tortillas and taco seasoning!

*B & M baked beans did not pay me to promote their product in any way.


  1. Replies
    1. If I had to pick one food that I had to eat every day, it would be a taco!

  2. My uncle lived in Sherman Oaks, CA and always brought fresh ingredients to us when he flew out east so I have grown up eating Mexican food even when it was hard to find on the east coast. He did not use flavored beans - he made his own re-fried beans. He did the shells in a similar fashion though!!


    1. Black beans are very popular in California too. I grew up there and could eat mexican food every day. I love all the fresh ingredients you can put on top of tacos. I think it's very sweet of your uncle to bring y'all fresh ingredients on his visits~♥

  3. Ooohh, baked beans in the tacos! And I love how you dry the shells on the bowl--genius!

    1. Amy, Thanks! Drying the shells on the bowl and salting them was "my" idea. In fact today was the first time my mom saw how I used the bowl to shape the taco's. I'm wondering what other generations down the road will add to this?! :)If you like B & M baked beans please try this recipe, you can use already made taco shells too. I hang them on the oven rack at a low heat to warm them up for about 5 minutes, watch that they don't burn (this is only for the pre-made ones)

  4. yumo!!!! so sad chris can't have tomoatoes or beans..blah! maybe i will make it for me when he works nights..lol!

    1. Tristan, you are going to laugh! Nobody was home (which is crazy cause 4 generations live under this roof) SO, I made them for myself AND had them for lunch again today! So worth it!

  5. Be still my heart, Robin! I would have never thought of adding baked beans to my tacos, but I'm dying to give it a try! Many thanks for sharing!

    1. April, If you like B & M Baked beans you are going to love these. I can't eat a taco without baked beans anymore!

  6. Oh dear... now I NEED to make some tacos!!! YUM!

    1. Hi Melody-Mae, I'm reheating everything for taco's for lunch (2 days in a row) LOVE them! LOVE your name!

  7. oh dear!!! I love it!! Thank you for the amazing idea...sweet greedings from Greece!

    1. So glad you like it~Sweet greeting back from Seattle Washtington!


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