DIY Joy Sign

Anybody that knows me, knows I CANNOT paint.  I'm not kidding...It takes me 3 days to paint a wall that my husband can do in 30 minutes. Sadly, I am not exaggerating. But I AM a VERY determined person and when I saw that everyone was painting signs for Christmas I just had to jump in.
This process is super simple and acrylic paint is very inexpensive. 
If I can do this ANYBODY can! 

First off, find/buy a piece of wood the size you like. Paint it the color you want...After that dries, sand it up a bit to make it look older-Wipe on and wipe off a little stain to keep it looking older.

Next I printed out the letters for JOY~The great thing about this is you can pick the font and size that suits you. Tape them where you want them on your board.  The photo above shows how I'm leaving room for greenery on the top.

Pictured above you can see how I took a sharp tipped pen and outlined the letter-The softer the wood the easier this is to do. After this I used a small flat edge brush to fill in along the inside lines with black acrylic paint, being very careful not to go out of the lines. I used a regular round paint brush to fill the rest of the letters. 

Pictured above is what it looked like right after I painted it...If you would like a more rugged/older look take some sandpaper to it once it dries.  I tend to like this bold look.

I hot glued some artificial greenery to the top of it that already had pine cones on it. A little rustic twine bow gives it simple flair. I attached it to the wall with Command Velcro hanging strips so not to ruin my walls.

By my JOY sign I placed artificial trees~One in an old flour sifter, the other in a vase made by my son when he was in high school. The green floral foam pictured above is an excellent filler. You don't even have to cut it to fit if the container you are using has sharp enough edges. Just push it down into the container like you see in the photo above.

Add an artificial tree and some moss around the bottom to cover the floral foam.

I added a little wooden star to the top of the tree in the sifter and battery operated lights to the other tree.
I put this in my kitchen by my sink so that I see it often and it brings me JOY.

Wood Board: Home Depot
Acrylic paint: Michaels
Artificial Christmas trees: Michaels
Battery operated lights: Michaels
Wooden star: Michaels
Command Velcro hanger: Michaels
Floral foam: Walmart
Moss: My backyard.


  1. super cute! so happy to see you 'back' :)

    1. Thank you!!! It's so great that life has settled down after 4 hard years and I have time to be back!

  2. Nice to be back to catch up on all your beautiful crafts this Christmas! blessings

  3. Looks like you are on a roll this year:) LOVE it.


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