How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Ways...

I know many of you are starting diet and exercise plans...AND I am planning on exercising more too...BUT I cannot seem to get my mind off my love...
Yes, my love of See's Candy!
I was doing fine until my Sister~In~Law Anne brought over See's candy as a gift for our Dad this Christmas... Sorry Dad, but I think I ate more then half the box! Now I can't stop thinking about those delicious chocolate candies and wanting more, more, more!!!!! Thankfully my husband always buys me a big box for Valentines day and Easter. I do hope I can wait~My car (stinkin' car) tends to want to turn into the parking lot of our local See's! (yeah, that's the ticket, blame the car!) But I will be good and I will wait (okay I will try real hard to wait!)

By the way, I used to work for See's and they make all their candies fresh with real butter and no preservatives~ You can order See's online too.

See's just came out with "Football Fan" snacks...Any excuse to eat See's works for me!
(By the way, while I was writing this post I was eating raw almonds and a salad. I do "try" to eat healthy it's just my mind tends to wander! )


  1. Robin,
    I've never heard of See's candy before but they look delicious. We have Alpine Chocolate Haus in Gaylord & I always get some for Valentine's day. I am so addicted to chocolate & have to have my daily fix. If I ever get to Seattle to visit Rach & Keith I will have to go to Sees..


  2. Gee thanks, Robin, now I'll be thinking about that doggone candy! LOL

  3. Robin,

    Why, oh, why did you have to do this to me??? I have a problem, you know...a very BIG problem...I'm a chocoholic! I seriously need an intervention! I'm not kidding, either!

    I have never heard of See's candy, but, boy, does it ever look scrumptious! I could eat that entire box in no time flat!

    I just may have to go online and check them out...do I dare??? :)

  4. If it has the letters "c.h.o.c.o.l.a.t.e"..I can't stop thinking about it!!

    That football see's candy is just amazing and so big!
    -sandy toes

  5. Nope never heard of See's but either way I am not a chock fan at all...don't throw those almonds at me now Robin....I just don't care for the rich chocks....but I do love me some ROCK CANDY! Oh yeah now that is my kind of sugar rush!

    Oh and funny you should say what your eating...I am snacking on veggies and dip right now. yummy and healthy also!

  6. Robin, I'm replying to your comment on my blog...having me help with your See's intervention would be like the fox guarding the henhouse! LOL

  7. We love See's. My husband's Grandfather used to buy a box of nuts and chews for his bride and she would let the kids choose one. My hubby is so familiar with them that he knows their flavor by looking at them. We send nuts and chews to my hubbie's aunt every year for Christmas for a bit of nostalgia.

  8. Oh how I love SEE's......... lucky for me the store is far enough away I cant accidently stop by!

    Great news!

  9. LOL - oh yeah while I eat my healthy stuff - which is usually very yummy because we have so many awesome options these days, I also have other food on my mind. It depends on the day and time of day - chocolate, pasta, corn chips, a big thick porterhouse - those are a few that swirl around in my mind at some point or another. Of course right now, it's chocolate. I wonder why......(yeah that's the ticket - blame Robin!!! hehehehe)

    hugs, Linda

  10. Hi Robin, my downfall is baked goods, specifically cookies. In the winter I just crave carbs.

  11. I'm with Sandy Toes....anything with C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E!!!! Now my favorite for Valentine's Day is Turtles...those caramel, chocolate, peanut covered darlings...YUMMY!

  12. haha.. I guess we're all on a sugar-high right now! ;-)

    It'll pass, I'm sure....(I think)


  13. Hi Robin!

    Oh Jeepers! I wasn't thinking of any "food" TILL NOW! LOL!!
    Of course...now I seem to be craving warm gooey Double CHOCOLATE BROWNIES...don't ask me how your See's candy led me to warm gooey brownies...I think the longer I stared at your candy...the more Chocolate goodies I saw...sorta like those "visual image test pictures" ...where they ask: "what do ya see when ya look at this"?!!!


    have a great evening!


  14. I just read your comment on my blog about taking the kids out of school for a special day with them..I LOVE THAT...I think I may do this!! Thank you!!!
    -sandy toes

  15. See's candy is delicious! I am trying SO hard to be good, so please don't ask me what my favorite yummies are. I started thinking and then I thought, I better not go there! Off I go to the elliptical instead!! Lori

  16. I had never See's candy until my friend (who used to live in WA) introduced me to it at Christmas time! Yummy!

  17. I have never heard of Sees...I might have to give it a try! Nancy

  18. Food...Orville Redenbacher's Natural popcorn Simply Salted and I love either Hershey's Bliss Milk chocolate or Dove Milk Chocolate right now. Just ate a few actually.

  19. OMGosh, now I'm craving See's peanut brittle...it's soooo yummy!

  20. Never heard of them...maybe that's what I need...you think?

  21. I have a terrible sweet tooth. Like you, I've been trying to be good about eating the right things, but it's not easy, is it?

  22. oooh,,,..where to start ,,,,,favorite yummies???
    too too too many to list,,,,you know that!

    lets limit it to

    afternoon yummy= m&m's or a sees candy"
    pecan roll, milk chocolate almond, milk bordeaux,
    milk molasses chip and of course....milk strawberry!

    evening snack...gummy bears or the new sweet and sour sees stars!!

    now I am hungry robin !!!

    Anne :)

  23. Hi Robin
    Those See's chocs look gorgeous. I have not heard of them before but I am sure they would not last very long in this house!
    I am not overly crazy about any food in particular but I do like cheese and crisps (potato chips).
    I am trying to eat a bit healthier and I am ok with fruit but I just do not like many vegetables. It's usually carrots most days for me!

  24. Yea Robin....whats up with that?
    You better get to working out or you will be seeing see's on your hind end!!!!! LOL
    It really does look good! Time to go! Beth

  25. mmmmm - See's Candy Love It! I am not generally fond of white chocolate - the two words don't even represent what that food items is! But, a friend gave me a gift containing a white chocolate Lindt bar - desperate for a sweet, I opened it.....heaven! The center is a rich, decadent creamy cloud! I have been craving them ever since. At $2.20 a pop it is an expensive habit and wouldn't you know about half the time the store is out of them or doesn't carry the plain white chocolate - the put something creepy with it like coconut - yuck!

    You had better focus on the Mountain Hike in August - sounds like fun but definitely something to work up to!

  26. Hi Robin~
    I have a good friend who loves See's candy, and though we have one near us, I have never been in there! :) BUT...now, I know this doesn't count as food, but I really, really, like my soda! I am trying to cut back from two to one a day, and it is almost impossible. I know soda is not good to drink, but does that stop me? Nope! :)

    I was curious about what you said about your popcorn ceilings~ did you remove the popcorn part from the ceilings or cover the ceiling with new drywall?

    Oh, and how is your baby granddaughter doing? :) I am keeping her in my prayers! Have a great day!

  27. Oh, my gosh. That's not fair. I love chocolate and your blog is covered with chocolate. I could just lick the screen.

    But, I started the Flat Belly diet this morning and as I read your blog I was just finishing up a tuna, lettuce and tomato sandwich on wheat bread.

    As I sit and drool all over my keyboard I will just lick the bits of tuna left on my plate.

  28. I LOVE See's candy. We do not have it in Chicago, but we do have Fannie May on just about every corner. Good candy is my downfall.

  29. i had See's chocolates one time in Arizona. yummmmmmmm....

    i am addicted to like everything food wise...

    but i am trying my darndest to stop being addicted to Diet Coke. like all day i have had a headache and my body is telling me it is because of CAFFEINE WITHDRAWALS!!!!!

    ughhhh.... so i took a hot shower and it helped.

    but.. let's see... i think i am addicted to anything chocolate.

  30. Ah...See's candy...
    I have a weakness for Lindt truffles, and for Tillamook Ice Cream along with many other foods.
    I'm trying to eat better too, but today is my #4 son's birthday, so I will be bed and partake of the DQ blizzard cake we got for today.

  31. OK, Robin, PLEASE tell me you weren't being serious about having dealt with my man, Tim McGraw, personally! NO WAY!!! I am bothered sick! Chris knows I've always had a "thing" for Tim. Hee hee! You are one lucky gal, I tell ya!

  32. Are you just trying to TORTURE me?

  33. Oh Robin, These look so good, especially to one STARVING and on a diet! LOL! I've never heard of See's, but they look delicious! Please tell my old swap partner, Anne I said Hi! :) ~hugs, Rhonda

  34. I love See's candy, but it's impossible to find on the east coast. However, my in-laws just returned from a trip out west, and guess what they brought us! Yippee!

  35. Seriously, I love See's candies too! I want my husband to buy me some for Valentine's day for sure!


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