About Me

Me and my granddaughter Noelle Grace

Hi, my name is Robin Beck, I live near Seattle Washington... 
Here's a little bit about me~

I love photography.

I used to own a floral shop called The Robin’s Nest.

I live in the city but dream of living a country life once again.

I am a good friend, I can keep a secret.

I don't like shopping and rarely go to the mall.

My husband is my best friend-I don’t just say that either...He really is.

Writing a craft book IS in my future.

I used to weigh close to 200 pounds.

I am a witty person and don't take life over seriously.

I tend to add in a lot of movie & Seinfeld quotes in my everyday conversations.

I believe the bible is black and white, there are no gray areas-What people think is gray they just don't understand.

I believe God is perfect, hence believing the bible is 100% true.

I'm VERY forgiving.

I can't/don't eat gluten (flour, rye, barley or oats) or MSG's.

I eat real organic butter. Hello Paula Deen!

I love cooking in cast iron skillets

I've never had a manicure or a pedicure.

I fight aging all the way-So my husband tells me.

I talk to my mom pretty much every day.

I wouldn't be here today if God hadn't intervened.

I am a big time electronic junkie.

I like rain.

I've ran marathons, triathlons and have jumped out of an airplane.

I want to climb Mt Rainier.

I hike a lot.

I like crafting & sewing.

Christmas is my favorite holiday.

I can't decide if I like the ocean or the mountains better.

I've watched Pride and Prejudice WAY, WAY, WAY too many times.

My drugs of choice is Starbucks coffee.

I used to love hot weather but the older I get the more mild I want the temps.

I've been a procrastinator my whole life...

BUT I'm rarely ever late to an appointment or event.

I look forward to my morning coffee, even thinking about it the night before.

I believe people CAN change.

I believe in miracles~♥

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love these pots Robin..I've bought mine and the chalkboard paint ND iM WAITING FOR THE TIME TO MAKE THESE! gORGEOUS!!


  2. Sorry Robin..lol..sometimes I start writing and somehow my lock for my cap goes on..my fingers move too fast I think! Anyway, I wasnt trying to be creative..just a boo-boo. :)
    Deborah xo

  3. Hi Robin~I love meeting new bloggers and christians too! I am north of Seattle!


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