This Little Newt Newt...

Has changed our lives forever...

My daughter Ronnie told me a month and a half ago that she thought our granddaughter Noelle was teething, I did not believe her... I was wrong, Noelle is only 4 months old but has two bottom teeth already.

She is also very tall for her age, all her pants look like crop pants on her!

Above is a photo of the cake our daughter Ronnie made for her grandpa's birthday... I think it's more then blog worthy.


I know it's been awhile since I have blogged anything creative such as crafts~My priorities shifted somewhat when Noelle was born. She is growing and doing wonderful so it won't be long till I'm back to being creative and crafting again... I hope you all hang in here with me~♥~


As I write this Noelle is sitting on my lap grabbing my hands, she wants to type something so here goes: l;[[0opplppppppppppppppppppp9ffofi= =dzllllllll

(Now that's a masterpiece!) :)


  1. She is just so sweet :)

    And..yep..tall genes for sure..lol!

    Can't believe she has already gotten teeth..not only is she perfect, she's a tad advanced to...Take THAT doctors..lol.

    Oh and tell Ronnie that the cake is so pretty..and yum-o looking!

  2. You know?....GOD IS AWESOME FOR THAT LIL' BABY!...I am so glad she is doing so well...teething and growing like a weed!

    She does look like a very 'big' four month old...you might have a Model on your hands!...look out!

  3. Robin- She is beautiful! Just like her Mom and Grandma.:) BTW, are you going to be a Grandma or Nana? And that cake! Oh my goodness, Ronnie has outdone herself!

    My Mom is gone. My heart is heavy and the house seems so empty... Lori

  4. What a precious darling grandbaby, Robin! She's a miracle in the making! I can only imagine the fun you're having with her! Ronnie definitely outdid herself with that cake...you need to hire out her services! :) What a talent!

    Can't wait to see your crafty ideas return...I need some serious help in that department! Big hugs!

  5. What a doll she is ~ just precious, lovin her shades, she's way cool. She's such a good typist already, too, LOL.

  6. This is so cute. I love it. She is getting so big. Clap clap clap.

  7. ok...the cake looks magnificent!!! when was Bennys birthday ..I am sorry I forgot!

    Noelle is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

    I love 4 -12 months!! so much fun


  8. when I saw mystery historys comment about heart being heavy.... a great description!

    Interesting quote ....

    live your life and dont let your life live you!

    staying strong and praying for peace and happiness for our family


  9. Tristan: Yep, tall genes: Daddy 6 foot 5 inches Mommy 5 foot 10!
    I love your ha ha doctors, they are laughing with us now and loving the miracle that she is.

    Char: yes, God is awesome... But bite your tongue on the model deal! :)

    Lori: I go by grandma My mom goes by "Great" and my grandma goes by "Great Great" :)

    April and Pam: Thanks guys!

    Jan: I clap with you! Love that you are too cute!

    Anne: Dad's birthday was the 25th he is 72 years old now!
    Ronnie made me gluten free cupcakes too...She is becoming quite the amazing baker!

  10. that cake is so perfect it doesn't even look real!

  11. Hi Robin~
    Those are adorable pictures of Noelle! She is such a cutie! :) That cracked me up with the typing thing! :)

    The cake your daughter made looks awesome! She did a great job on it. :)

    I hope you are having a fantastic week!

  12. You have your priorities right where they should be! Blogs will always be here, but a teething grandbaby.... only last a short time, they are only young so long, WHAT A JOY you are having!

  13. What a cutie pie!!! Ronnie's cake turned out great. Happy Birthday to Grandpa too.

  14. What a doll...she really is so pretty. And I can't believe she already has teeth. Get that girl some big girl food! :)

    That cake is gorgeous! I bet it tasted as good as it looks.

  15. Hi Robin
    Noelle is so gorgeous. We would call her a 'poppet' over here! She really has grown too and I can see her long legs from the picture.
    Ronnie's cake is definately blog worthy. It's amazing. Oh what I would give to eat some right now!

  16. Noelle is just ADORABLE!! She is getting so big!

    Ronnie did a WONDERFUL job on that cake...it looks delicious!

  17. What a cute, roly poly baby! She looks like she is about as big as my almost one year old (who is small for her age)!

  18. Oh goodness - I chuckled out loud at the photo of your sweet girl wearing the pink shades. She is so so cute! Look at those little punk lips - I bet they get lots of kisses!!

    I am trying to get a lot of projects done in the next weeks so that I am free to hold Liliana as much as her mom and dad will let me. I think I am going to wear permanent tracks in the road to their house! LOL

    I have to remember that design on the cake - very pretty and it looks yummy!

    I hope your son is healing well. OUCH!!!!!!

    hugs, Linda

  19. What a sweetheart she is, I've loved seeing her as she gets bigger. And that cake--oh my goodness! Making my mouth water!

  20. What a love! She's so gorgeous!
    Ronnie's cake looks yummy! Happy Birthday to Grandpa!

  21. hahahaha so CUTE, my youngest has always been off the charts for height and only on the 20th percential for weight... A long skinny guy.... ;)

  22. Charla @ For the Sake of TImeMay 3, 2009 at 7:15 PM

    Those pink sungalsses are to die for! Thank you so much for sharing your great photos.


  23. She is gorgeous!! And gettin' big!! I want some of that cake!! Yum!!

  24. I can see why you are "smitten" with her... who wouldn't be?
    And that is a wonderful cake- I guess creativity is in the DNA at your house... I wonder what Noelle will be... maybe a painter or sculptor??


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