Your Prayers = Two Praises...

~Grandma and Grandpa 1950~
On my last post I had told you all that my grandmother wasn't doing well and Hospice was called...I asked for prayer. Well, our prayers have been answered. Hospice was called away, grandma is too strong and will be sticking around in this world for a long while! Her doctors are floored with how strong she is. It is however taking two people to care for her at this time while physical therapy is being done on her hip. Mom and I were there last week, then my dad came and I left and my brother is going over in a week or so then I will head back down. The nurse said it would probably be a month before she is walking on her own but I have a feeling grandma is going to surprise everybody! Thanks again everyone!

~Noelle Grace~
Our little grand baby Noelle turned 4 months old on the 18th...Isn't she precious? She has the biggest brightest blue eyes and long long eyelashes. I thank everyone once again for the prayers you said for Noelle before and after she was born. She has been healed of Spina Bifida and is doing everything any "normal" baby would do. I think she is alot like her great great grandmother for she is extremely strong for a baby. Noelle has her doctors baffled!
Thank you everyone for your prayers...
~Thank you Lord for these two precious miracles~


  1. God is SO good! What precious answers to prayers!
    Many Blessings!

  2. Robin- I am thrilled that your grandma is well! Yes, strength runs in your family, my dear.:) You are extremely blessed. And look at that little angel baby! Oh my goodness, I wish I could hold her!:) Precious and so beautiful... Lori

    I LOVE that picture of your grandparents!

  3. Robin~
    We serve an amazing God, don't we? I'm so thrilled to hear the news about your grandma! People of the older generation have such a "go get'um" spirit...my grandparents were the same way. Nothing was going to keep them down! Hope she continues to get stronger each and everyday!

    Baby Noelle is adorable! How do you stand it, Robin? She is so delicious! What a beautiful face...and those eyes! What a little heartbreaker! She is definitely a miracle...praise God for his goodness!

  4. What wonderful news Robin! I'm so happy for your entire family. That picture of your grandparents is super--I hope you have it framed, and Noelle is such a sweetie. You are blessed!

  5. Awesome news Robin.. I am so happy for you. Prayers are indeed answered!

    Big hugs,

  6. What wonderful news! I'm so happy that your grandmother is doing better. And that little grandbaby of yours looks like she needs a great big sloppy kiss! LOL

  7. Oh what FABULOUS news!!! I am praying that your grandma gets stronger day by day.

    Baby Noelle is GORGEOUS!!! Praise God!!♥

  8. Noelle is beautiful and YEAH!!!! GREAT info on your sweet grandparents!!!

  9. I'm so happy your grandma is doing better, I've been praying for her, what a blessing!

    And that Noelle...I'm in tears, she's so perfect.

  10. That's so wonderful Robin--both of them! Noelle is so precious!!

  11. What a wonderful post to come and find. I am so glad that you have such wonderful news on those special gals in your life. I hope your grandmother heals very quickly.

    And that picture of Noelle is just precious! She is just so darn cute! True blessings indeed!

    hugs, Linda

  12. Robin
    I am so glad to hear the good news!
    I also am so happy to see the beautiful picture of the baby!
    Again, I am thinking of your family right now and I am glad to receive such wonderful news!

    Anne <3

  13. God is VERY good isnt He? Prayers are powerful and people are healed. Arent we blessed to know Him?

  14. The Power of Prayer.
    God is good, god is grace.

    Blessed is your grandmother and your granddaughter.

  15. Hi Robin
    I am just catching up with your blog. I enjoyed seeing BEAUTIFUL Noelle. She's absolutely gorgeous.
    Lori kept me up to date about your Grandma. I am so thankful that she has improved. She is still in my prayers.
    The pictures from La Push are amazing. Can you believe I actually did watch Twilight on the plane? I thought of you straight away. On the way back I watched The Secret Life of Bees. It was weird but good.
    Your dolphin experience sounds great. Coral pulled us along and that was so much fun.

  16. Robin,
    What a delightful picture of your grandma and grandpa. I'm just thrilled to hear she is doing better, she sounds like a remarkable lady. Noel is just too precious and beautiful for words. God is indeed good.

  17. Yay! Thank God- I am so glad your grandmother is doing better.
    Noelle gets more darling everytime I see her!

  18. Robin, those are two beautiful ladies in those pics!! So glad to hear Grandma is still kicking it. God is so good, isn't he??

  19. Such good news Robin. I'm glad your grandma is doing better. You're sweet precious granddaughter, aw, she's so gorgeous. Glad she continues to do well. Doctors. Don't they get it? The Good Lord is the greatest doctor of all.

  20. Praise the Lord! I'm so glad that your grandma is doing better and what an awesome testimony that your precious granddaughter was healed of SB! She is beautiful! God is good!

  21. Hey, Robin! I definitely want to host in July! I was thinking about the book Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. Tell me what you think. ☺


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