Our two youngest kids: Ronnie & Timothy

Last post I did our daughter Ronnie was in the hospital-She was there for 4 days having tests done.  She is doing so much better as you can see in the picture (yes, she dyed her hair...Again~LOL!)   We knew she had some sort of allergy to dairy and gluten.  After many tests we now for sure know that she can never eat gluten (flour, rye, barley and oats) again.  Just like her mommy!
Sooner or later she will have to give up all dairy proteins too-No milk, cheese, butter, ice-cream not even lactose free milk.  

Also in the last posts I talked about our youngest, Timothy getting ready to graduate-As you can see by the picture above that too happened a couple of days ago.
We threw him a big graduation party and around 40 people showed up-It was a wonderful day!

A little grad art on our chalkboard.

I did a little photo shoot of him and some of his friends before graduation-Yes, we do serious shots but the fun ones are the ones I like to share!

Thank you for all your Prayers, E-mails and Comments ~There have been many of you that have left comments and I haven't gotten back to you...
I will... I really will!
 It's been a crazy year, you wouldn't even believe the half of it.  But the good news is I see things slowing down and life getting back to as normal as life gets around here!

Love and Hugs to you all~♥


  1. Glad all is getting back to some sort of normal for you!! Have a great weekend and stop over and enter to
    win a gift card to CSN stores $60.00

  2. That graduation picture by the waterfall is CLASSIC! Love it, Robin! I adore the pictures of Ronnie and Timmy together, too. Who did the art on the chalkboard? It certainly set the tone for the FAB party! I'm so glad you found out it was gluten that was causing Ronnie to be sick. Good thing she knows what to do after seeing what you went through. Love you, Sis. Lori

  3. Hi Robin
    I loved seeing Timmy's graduation pictures. You must be so proud. Glad that Ronnie is out of hospital and now knows that gluten was causing the problem.
    Hope you can have a relaxing weekend with your husband, some good food and an enjoyable hike.
    I enjoyed chatting with you today.

  4. welcome back!! So glad to read that, although you've been crazy, you are finally seeing some reprieve in sight. I hope you are having beautiful weather, and spending some moments enjoying it.

    I know several people who are now gluten free. They have found several blogs that have been very helpful to them. If you'd like, I will ask and forward along. Let me know! :)

  5. The graduation photo of the group is great..So glad that your daughter is doing good..Have a great weekend..

  6. So glad the doctors were able to figure out why your daughter was so ill. Love the last photo! Enjoy your summer.

  7. Hi Robin, so glad to hear that Ronnie is doing better and that she knows what foods to stay away from. I'm sure that's not always the easiest thing, but you'll be able to help her through.

    Congrats on Tim's graduation--the waterfall photo is just terrific!

  8. I love the fun grad photo, it captures the spirit of youth and optimism and zaniness, all combined.
    I am happy to hear your year is mellowing out.

  9. I'm so glad that Ronnie is doing so much better. I wonder if Noelle will end up with the same allergy? Timothy is so cute and I LOVE that picture of all the graduate friends....so FUN! So wonderful to hear that life is starting to return to normal.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.♥

  10. So glad to read that life is getting back to normal in your household! Some years are just worse than others wouldn't you say...and the last couple of years have been doosies for many.

    Congrats to your handsome son! I sure know about the hair dying stuff! I have a 21 year old who is constantly dying her hair. First she wants it dark, then she wants it light. I can't keep up!

  11. You have two beautiful kids there!

  12. Glad that Ronnie is doing better. Congrats to Timothy on graduating. Glad everything is getting back to normal for you guys!

  13. Looks like two very (healthy), happy and wonderful kids. Glad all is well.

  14. so glad that they found out what was going on with ronnie!! she looks lovely with her brown hair!

    i bought some gluten free sixlets (little chocolate balls) the other day...let me know if you want some!!

    happy graduaction tim!

  15. Glad you know what she's allergic to now, congrats to Timothy.

  16. Congratulations to your graduate!
    I'm glad things have been figured out for your daughter and hopefully she can get back to feeling great again!

  17. So glad that Ronnie is doing better. I hate to hear that she will even have to give up dairy some day.

    Timmy's grad pictures were great. I enjoyed the one with the group of kids in front of some wood.

    Take care-

  18. LOVE love LOVE the pics!! Congrats to your graduate! So glad your daughter is feeling better. That really stinks about the allergies. At least they are making it easier for people with allergies to enjoy different foods. I notice more and more products that are gluten free.

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!!!♥

  19. Gosh you have insanely good looking kids! Glad you had a happy day, congratulations Tim!

  20. Hi Robin~

    So SO glad to know that things are going better for Ronnie and that it is clear now what was making her sick! And congratulations to your son on his graduation! That is fantastic! :)

    It sounds like things are going MUCH better for all of you now and I'm happy to hear it! Hopefully life will settle down nice and quiet like, and you can take a deep breath! :)

    I hope you are having a great week!

    Blessings to you!

  21. So happy to hear your Ronnie is doing much better. She looks very healthy here. : )
    Congratulations to your Tim!! Loooooved the fun pic of the graduates.


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