One Day Of Wonders...

This last week my husband has been on vacation. We got a chance to take off with the grand-baby for one day.  Here are some pictures of what we saw at Hurricane Ridge right above Port Angeles Washington.

Noelle waving "Hi" to a little girl~We can't go anywhere without Miss friendly saying "Hi" to the children who pass by. (Olympic Mts)

Behind the scenes view~She loves her purses!

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music~LA LA LA LAAAA!

Taking a little sunshine break

While at Hurricane Ridge there would be sun breaks then all of a sudden we would be dancing in clouds...Here is a picture of how Noelle looked whenever in a cloud~She liked the way they tasted! (By the way, we didn't show her how to do this-It's just an automatic kid thing!)

Noelle talking to a deer-It looks like it's interested in what she has to say. I think she was telling it that the colors red and blue make purple because Noelle tells everybody that...I'm sure we have another artist in the making here.

Up close and personal.

~Nubby tree~

I set the timer on my camera and ran like the dickens to get a shot with all three of us in it! Of course Noelle is looking away-You can't win them all!

On the way home we went the Ocean route... Here are a few pictures taken right before dusk...

Noelle and Grandpa love the ocean-Look what popped up right in front of them!

This little Seal! Tim said it was like he was out there surfing the waves.

Noelle loves playing in the water~

The path home...

This is just one day of what the beautiful State of Washington has to offer ♥


  1. Robin I love your pictures. They make me feel like I am right there with you! Thank you for sharing them! Some day I am going to visit your beautiful state!

    Have a great 4th of July!

    P.S. have you read any good books lately?

  2. Robin, it just doesn't get any better than this does it--gorgeous scenery, your husband and your granddaughter--the perfect combination. Love the photos of the deer, and that seal appearing at just the right moment, how cool is that? Days like this draw us together as couples and warm our memories for a long time to come.

    Hope your July 4th was a good one!

  3. RObin- I loved seeing the sweet pictures of Noelle! My goodness, she is the cutest little peanut! I especially love the picture of her walking in the ocean. sigh... What a little sweet pea! I also adore the picture of the three of you! Precious! I will be writing to you later tonight. Have lots of fun with my sister. Eclipse Tuesday night... Love you!:) Lori

  4. Those mountains are just gorgeous! We went into the interior of BC last weekend and the mountains going up were awesome. I will never get tired of looking at mountains! Thanks for sharing your day!

  5. What FABULOUS pictures!!!!! It looks SOOOOO gorgeous there! I always enjoy seeing them.

    Noelle is just precious and I love the pictures of her with your hubby. So sweet! Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.♥


    Those pictures are just breathtaking!!!!

    Noelle is just a doll..wow.

  7. Hi Robin
    WOW. Your pictures are amazing. Those mountains don't look real! Thanks so much for sharing the beauty of your state with us. The deer is sweet and Noelle looks so cute in her little jacket. The picture of you three is great. Glad you got to enjoy this special time together to make some wonderful memories.

  8. It looks like you guys had a grand and glorious time! The pictures are wonderful. Noelle is a cutie!

  9. That first picture looks like they are standing in front of a painting! Great photos!

    Does your state have a state magazine/publication? Or maybe a tourism website? You should see if they take reader photo submissions and send a few in, Robin!

  10. I love that shot of all three of you! What gorgeous photos girl!

  11. These pictures are absolutely breath-taking...so so so GORGEOUS!!! I've always wanted to visit Washington (long before I knew Edward lived there!) Those mountains are amazing. Your little granddaughter is a doll!!! I could just squeeze her! The pictures are fantastic.

    I must take a little Twilight detour...you know, Edward could have been hunting in those mountains or down in Port Angeles for the day?! :) You just never know!

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you guys had a happy 4th!

  12. precious anyway you look at this!

  13. gorgeous Pictures Robin!!!
    hey girl... i thought about you yesterday when i got a little crafty! i was like
    "Robin would be proud" :)

  14. Love the photos! You are such a talented photographer. Can you believe I grew up in WA and have never been to Port Angeles? I plan to ask DH if he would like to go soon. I think it would be fun.

  15. Robin,
    We adore Washington and her many beautiful sights. Your pictures are perfect and made me yearn to visit again. I loved seeing precious sweet Noelle and her fun day with grandpa and grandma. Your description of her conversation with the deer made me smile and with her cute purse. What a sweeti. Simply a cherished day.
    Have I told you my sis resides on Mercer Island and we love to visit... it has been too long. She was here with her daughters last week.
    Good luck on your quest to stop the big Diet Coke. I am now celebrating 14 years without one after being a true addict of a 12 pack a day! YOU GO GIRL!!!

  16. Beautiful pictures, Robin! It's been such a long time since I've been to Hurricane Ridge - I think it's going to have to be on our list of motorcycle rides this summer, since summer has finally arrived!

  17. You really do live in a beautiful part of the country... what a wonderful day... and I love Noelle's little jacket- is it from Target? I just bought 2 to take to England for the little British cousins.

  18. Oh my gosh, you really do have it all out there. the ocean, the mountains and that deer was amazing.

    Can I tell you how much I love that she had her purse?!

  19. Just stopping by to say hello Robin. Hope that your week is off to a good start!

  20. Oh Robin...you have me so longing for Washington. We were at Hurricane Ridge just last summer. I wanted to get up there this summer, but my dad is not there. Seems like he wanted to vacation in Peru. Umm he did leave me the keys. HAHA. Your pictures cam out great. Have a great week, Missy

  21. Hi there Robin! These are such amazing pictures! I love them all, and it really DOES look as if the deer is listening to Noelle talking! She is such a cute one! :)

    About Leavenworth...it is DEFINITELY worth the trip! We are addicted to it! If you do ever go, make sure to check out the Enzian Inn! It is such a wonderful place to stay and the (free) breakfast is amazing! :)

    Thank you also for stopping by and leaving a comment on the new blog! It made my day! That and your sweet comment on Nest to Keep! You truly have such a kind heart! :)

    Have a beautiful day!


  22. Robin ~ Thank you for the visit and I have sure missed you and my other blog friends. =O) It has been a busy season with many events, some good and some not so good ~yet in the end, God makes all things good.

    I love your pictures...what a treasure for your sweet grand baby, Noelle! You and I must not live to very far from one another? I am in Washington state about 30 minutes south of Seattle. We have been up to Hurricane Ridge several times and as a matter of fact my son and some friends just camped up there somewhere not to very long ago. Was thinking to myself how funny it would of been if my kids were in the back ground of some of your pictures here!...lol

    I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer and let me know if you are ever in Seattle and maybe we could hook up at Starbucks at the market.

  23. My family used to spend a great amount of time in the Hurricane Ridge area when I was a child! It is so beautiful! Looks like you have had wonderful weather too!


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